Connecting and Automating the proptech you use to get stuff done

Tennoc allows users to move their tenant and property data freely between apps and services, without doing any manual data entry!

We're currently beta but working through the waiting list as we constantly add more integrations.


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Need an easy way to automatically move data between apps?

Tennoc provides automated connections between any agency software

Create connections between any #proptech apps.
No Code Needed.

Choose two apps, request your new connection. It's as simple as that. Tennoc will take care of the rest.

New integrations are being added every week, from the most popular through to specialist software. We'll even help you connect any bespoke in-house software. Let Tennoc do the heavy lifting for you.


Manage your connections anywhere anytime

Easily see the status of your connections and requested connections from anywhere. Make changes if needed and see your data move so you can concentrate on your business and not making software work the way it should.

Connections can be paused and restarted at any time.