Moving data

Tennoc allows users to move their tenant and property data freely between apps and services, without doing any manual data entry!


Raise a support ticket with Tennoc and they will get back to you the same day and resolve the issue within 48 hours.


Most property management API’s are in different formats. To integrate with all of these takes a lot of time and effort. Instead, developers can simply integrate with Tennoc and have access to hundreds of integrations, all in one common format.


Setting up your own integrations can be difficult if you have no technical knowledge, which is why Tennoc has easy to follow recipes for getting your connections up and running.

Connection Requests

Tennoc is a continuously growing service which means if you need a connection that isn’t on our list, simply submit a request and it will be added. The more requests for a connection, the higher priority the app will take.

Same Day Setup

Too many services demand days/weeks of set up. Sign up for Tennoc and start using your connections the same day we receive your API details.