Tennoc Beta Launch

The Tennoc Beta officially launches. Agents, Property Professionals and Developers can join the waiting list. We'll be working through the list and giving them all the ability to create connections between any apps or services at the click of a button.

Milestone March 2018

Celebratory drinks

Time to celebrate Tennoc’s progress with beers, gin and wine.
And maybe a pizza or 2..

Relay & Development

Through alpha feedback it became obvious that some software providers wanted deeper integrations. We started development of Relay to allow developers to integrate any other apps directly into their product. To demonstrate Relay we start production of an Alexa Skill to give Estate Agents voice access to all of their property data.

Milestone February 2018

First sale to an agent

Now a working product, Tennoc was ready to be used by Estate Agents!

Rebranded Tennoc

After lots of research and thought about what Tennoc will mean for the industry, logo’s, product colours and the overall style of Tennoc was improved!

First Apps Connected

Though it took lots of work, Tennoc takes form into a fully fledged product and has the ability to pass property data between 2 apps.

Proof of Concept

The team began development work on Tennoc, which brought lots of interest from Estate and Letting Agents from a very early stage.

Milestone October 2017

Discovered a Need

After lots of industry research and discussions with Estate Agents, the need for a connecter in the property industry was discovered and the Tennoc team started a mission to allow property professionals easily share data freely between apps.

Milestone September 2017