Partnering with Tennoc

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Tennoc helps your customers and prospects unlock the real value of your product.

You have a fantastic product, which your customers love and want to continue using. There's just one problem. They're sick of importing and exporting information to and from their CRM. They wish they could automate other tasks once your product has finished what it does best.

Even worse, you have a massive pipeline of potential customers that you can't get over the line. They don't have the time to start using you. They don't have a spare person to try it out or input all the information your app needs.

On top of that, your development team is busy working on your product. You don't have time to add integrations with every other product. Where do you even start? Some of them don't have an API, and they all use a different data format.



Tennoc will do the heavy lifting for you.

Rather than you having to dedicate precious development resources to an integration, Tennoc will do nearly all the work for you. Start by talking to us about what API or similar you already have in place.

Our platform is designed to work with any format. In most cases, you won't need to do any development work. Provide details of what you already have, and we'll do the rest.

Once we've completed the integration work, your product can communicate with any other product integrated with Tennoc.


Integrations are just the beginning.

We'll work closely with you to create everyday recipes for yours and our customers to use. These are template connections between popular apps ready to use with a few clicks.

The possibilities for recipes are enormous, and we'll continue adding to the list as we add more integrations to our platform. We regularly update our customers with these updates, helping the discovery and continued use of your product.