What is Tennoc and how does it help agents?

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Tennoc helps you unlock the true potential of your proptech portfolio.

Every agent is different, has different processes, runs their business differently and uses a diverse mix of software. While all these apps are lovely in their own right, most of them fall by not being able to talk to each other. Not integrating then means they're not able to fit into a specific agents way of working.

Enter Tennoc. By helping agents connect their proptech software, in a way that works for their business, means less time wasted, fewer mistakes and reduced costs.


Data and task duplication is the enemy

Once upon a time, before modern software, businesses used to run with a phone and a filing cabinet full of customer information. If you were ahead of the pack, you might've had a spreadsheet with much of the same data.

You had all your customer information in one place but couldn't share with the rest of your team. Bits of paper ended up in the wrong place or missing entirely. As the years went on, you'd made changes with copious amounts of Tipp-ex (do you remember Tipp-ex?).

Then, computers and CRMs came along helping you to solve all of these problems. As long as you diligently entered every bit of information, you could keep organised, not lose anything and make more informed business decisions.

As time passed by, software became bloated and tried to do too much. Software providers started creating small, focused apps for particular areas of a business. These apps assist with one task and do it very well.

Because of this, agents use a large variety of software daily. But there's one problem. Barely any of it integrates with the rest.

Staff are spending significant portions of their day entering the same information into multiple places. Their time should be spent selling properties, finding new landlords and helping tenants.



Data duplication and manual tasks have been going on for too long.

We believe your data is yours and you should be able to do with it as you wish. Tennoc is our way of helping you achieve that.

Tennoc allows any app on the platform to talk with any other. They don't have to fit the mould and only communicate in a certain way. You can have any combination of apps communicating in whatever way works for your business.

There are pre-built recipes to get up and running quickly, but these are just a starting point. We want to help you liberate your data and automate your tools. All to reduce wasted time, increase efficiency and get back to doing the work you do best.