Estate Agency Proptech Integration Case Study

An Estate Agency needed automatic property listings advertised on their Facebook page

A real problem estate agents face

A successful estate agent was running regular Facebook ads for both sales and lettings. This required someone in the office to go into the company Facebook ads manager and upload new images, text and demographics every time a new property came on to the market then make sure to remove the ads for properties that were successfully sold or let. This was taking up too much of the staffs time and the director wanted to automate the Facebook ad process.

Tennoc already worked with their current CRM provider in providing automations and integrations, which helped save time and cut costs for agents. The agent knew that Tennoc are always looking for new problems that estate agents face so they can create new automations to save time and cut costs.

“I was relieved to hear that Tennoc could help us save time on advertising properties. I know how effective Facebook advertising can be but the time we spent on it was becoming an issue”

Estate Agent

What did Tennoc do?

After a couple of phone calls and a short sit down, Tennoc began by taking a feed of the agents properties everyday and sent that data to Facebook catalogue. This is a new container that holds all the items you want to promote across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger. You can use it to display products in a collection ad or tagging products on Instagram.

Finding a solution

This meant that ads were automatically updated instead of requiring a member of staff to update the ads manually. When a property on the website was removed the ads were removes and when new properties were added to the website a new advertising campaign began. Tennoc even takes details like number of bedrooms, bathrooms and price of the property from the website and adds it to the details for the advertisement.

Did it solve the agents problem?

The new automation took the data from the agents website and added it to their Facebook catalogue which saved them time and money. So now they can sit back and manage their properties rather than deal with facebook advertising.

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